Monday, October 27, 2008

I miss...

Triple J - no other radio station satisfies me on a 24hr scale.

The smell of grass just before a big thunderstorm, its 30 degrees and I'm sitting on the varandah with Mum, Adam and a collection of Dunns

My doggie. I think I started missing her before anything else! Pathetic really!

The ability to make a cup of tea whenever I want

My own bedroom. My own space to chill and where everything is MINE, not shared or open to others....MINE!

A decent hot shower (although ours is not exactly strong, its hot!)

An icy cold Carlton Draught - nowhere but Australia has beer so cold its almost frozen

Champagne - its impossible to get sparkling wine for under $10 anywhere else in the world!

The ability to run when I want and feel safe.

My Mum. I miss her like a limb and I can't wait to give her a massive hug at the airport!

My bro. I miss his silly noises and ability to make me laugh with the most obscure jokes that only a few people seem to get.

People who know me. I'm sick of pretending to like people in order to socialise, I want my own peeps, the friends I've been with for years who I don't have to small talk with, can swear, belch and get ridiculously pissed in front of without them caring.

Family dinners. I miss getting sloshed with the family and eating as much as I possibly can in one sitting. Oz Shnozz - best game in the world!

Soccer. I miss training on Wednesday nights, miss having a kick with my mates down at Roxbourough Park, miss putting on my shin pads for a game.

The RSL - the social meeting place where you're guarenteed to run into people you know.

My clothes. They'll all feel new again by the time I get home.

Heat. I've been to some hot places but none with that excellent close humidity and 35 degrees. I miss going to bed in a wet sarong because its so stinking hot!

My car. I haven't driven in 10 months. I hope I can still drive!!!

Movie nights with Jem. We have an ability to get wasted whilst watching copious amounts of Will Ferrel movies and turning up very hungover to work the next day!

Girly nights (Em would kill me for calling it that!) with my girlz (hehe) eating many a snack

Chocolate Lave Pudding. Oh yeah!

The Fiddler. My local. Coolest place ever - always a good night!

Friday arvo drinkies (does this list involve a lot of alcohol?) when Alicia or Jem or just me and Mum will have champagne and nibbly bits watching the sun go down.

The ranch. I miss my house, the space, the garden, the people, the animals.

Mum's cooking - cheesy veggie bake, beef carpaccio, the awesome salads, tuna mornay, leek and potato soup and the large array of sauces that are presented beautifully for us each night!!!

I can't wait!!! 5 weeks baby!!!


Baino said...

Aww I miss hanging g-strings on the line and your messy room (well perhaps not) only five weeks and we'll be getting on each other's nerves again. Lily needs some walkies!

Babysis said...

I just miss you.

Your gorgeous smile, your happy demeanor (not sure of spelling) - coffee on saturday morn, when you grace us with your presence. Your groovy sunnies, your flat tum, and as for Abam....Dont Miss the Hotshots!

Hell I miss your mums great sauces!!

Estevez said...

i do, in fact, care about your belching clarence. it is disgusting and you need to do something about it. ha, it will be chocolate lava puddings a go go when you get back!!! and yes, 'girly nights' are totally lame but I MISS THEM TOO!!!! i made a platter last night with chris but IT WASN'T THE SAME!!!

roll on, 30th of november! (thats your return date right?)

Excellent Adventures said...

Mum - be careful what you say, I haven't changed in terms of my cleanliness...

Babysis - there will be coffee for sure the first weekend I get back! Not sure m tummy's so flat anymore though...its been a good year!

Estevez - ooooo a platter! I'll try to be less belchy if you make me one!!!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with TripleJ there. Although these days I find I change to another (lesser) station to get away from a few terrible songs.
5 weeks will go past quickly but probably the last few days before your flight the hours and minutes will stretch.
Whenever I visit Mum these last few years I get treated like a princess for a solid 2 weeks, spoilt rotten. The 15th day, I am a regular so it is all back to normal.
I wonder after being away for so long how long will it be before you are back to being a regular of the ranch? :)
Safe travels,

Excellent Adventures said...

Gaudium - yeah, triple j is great, even better when you're abroad. I'm pretty sure after Christmas is over and all is back to normal, I'll be wanting to move out pretty quickly, Mum's already talking board!!! Thing is, its a damn-site cheaper living at home paying board than moving out anyway! I made a pact to myself that I would never be a 24 yr old living at home.....oops!

Anonymous said...

I'd say only move out if you are moving in with "yer man", or if you are going to have to live close to your work, or if you have to move to another city/country etc. Otherwise no reason to move seriously. And your mumsie is I reckon one of the coolest mumsies in the world, so even more reason to stay put for a while yet!