Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Activities since the return...

Not sure if anyone's reading this blog anymore, but since I've been back I've been....
Playing with my pony (hey, I'm unemployed with loads of time and a way too cute pony to play with, what else am I supposed to do? Plus I can actaully ride properly now!)

Photographing Chippy making silly faces...

Finding out that Laurie has turned into a crazy unicorn who likes to drink blood...

Taking my brother's girlfriend for rides and offering to teach her how to...

Bathing Lily (although she tends to just do it herself...)

Watching my mother convert to beastiality (I don't condone it but she can snog who she wants to...)

Making Adam build me an arena so I can make Chippy ridable again...

So basically, a whole lot of horsey stuff! But I can add to that list:
Applying for jobs
Being rejected for jobs
Making Chrissy presents
Looking at Chrissy lights
Catching up with friends
Spending lots of time with my family
Generally being an unemployed slob while I can

On that note, I'm about to go and eat some cheese and bikkies with my mum so adios!