Thursday, November 1, 2007

How to pass 90 days...

Ok, so according to our handy dandy and extremely highschool-looking countdown timer, it appears that there are less than 90 days until liftoff. When I say ‘only’, I am of course comparing today to the time when there were 273 days to go. So be it 12 weeks, 6 paydays, 3 months or 89 sleeps, its still a feck of a long time away!

The preparations have begun. Jem’s travel folder is tab-categorized, a ‘to do before we go’ and ‘things to take’ list has been written and regular ‘action’ meetings scheduled (well, action meetings really refer to pizza and beer nights, perhaps involving a brief conversation on what we’ll need to take on our trip, in between the 3 consecutive screenings of Elf). We’re so damn organised that there’s really not much else to do for the next 89 sleeps. I’ve been trying to learn Spanish to pass the time, but I fear everything I’ve learnt will seem insignificant once I’m in the realm of the speed-talking-South-American-crazy-people. My vocab so far includes the most important phrases I could find: how to order a draft beer (can also be substituted with sangria, tequila and caprioska), how to ask for a big tall horse, not a pony and how to tell a cab driver to slow down. That’s all I’ll need…surely!

So while I’m preoccupying myself with linguistic skills, Jem goes and falls head over heels for an Aussie bloke – probably not the best idea given the situation, but let’s face it, we’re not going to the moon! All she has to do is embrace the technology she likes to call ‘nerdy’, yet the rest of the world calls ‘effective communication’ (I’m of course referring to Skype – thanks mum, I’m glad you’re savvy) and she’ll be sweet. At least one of us knows how to use a computer! (Love you Jem!) She may even one day contribute to this blog?...........Na.

So now, we wait.

And wait.

Still waiting.


I’m bored…