Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Random thoughts of the day

Just a few random words tonight. We've managed to find a hostel in Barcelona with really good internet (the Spanish know how to do it!) and I've also swapped a few movies with the owner of the hostel who has a crazy powerful and spanking new mac in his office so I'm quite happy that all my affairs are up to date! We've been shopping like crazy today, no matter how hard we try we just can't keep away from Zara! I don't know why they don't have it in Australia, it would go off! We're going to the beach tomorrow and then learning how to cook (and hopefully pronounce...) paella! So in two weeks time I will have to say goodbye to Bec which will be really sad and embark on the last part of my journey at an equestrian centre which I'm a little apprehensive about. I know its not going to be anything like what I experienced in Dorking, but I'm still worried I'm going to get the homesickness I seem to get when I'm in the same place for too long on my own (without people I know of course...). I'm very excited that I'll finally learn how to jump properly (on a horse, not on my own, although I am fairly retarded in the jumping side of things) not that I can really use it for anything, but I guess its like riding a bike...

The other thing I'd like to randomly mention is the difficulty I seem to be having in picking up Spanish again (gaudium de lingua you may appreciate this). In south america, it was not an effort to pick up the language, it just happened because you had to learn to speak the basics or you didn't eat (or you ate something you just pointed at which usually turned out to be bread with cheese...). It was a smooth process and at the end of a couple of months you find yourself ordering almost anything in another language and you're a little bit chuffed! I know Barcelona is a touristy city but so many times I've been asking people questions in Spanish and they reply in English! Bec's finding people automatically speaking Spanish to her because she has the latin looking complexion, but me with my "english rose" skin - why will no one speak Spanish to me? Its as if they see me coming - a gringo wanting to learn a few words while I'm here for a couple of months, and they just don't even bother obliging me from the start! I'm hoping it gets a little more cultural in the smaller cities but at this rate I'll learn nothing at all!

Oh well, even if I did pick up more Spanish, I'd come home and forget it all anyway. I know its a defeatist attitude but the dream of being multi lingual without the accompanying effort is fading away everyday.... Come on latino man of my dreams who will subsequently teach me the language and produce bilingual children with me!! Now where's that cute hostel owner with his fancy puter.........bye!


Baino said...

Just as long as he's prepared to emigrate! Watch out for those latin lovers now! You? Cook? Paella? Most excellent dude!

Babysis said...

hay we can speak ol spaniol! Ci Senore - Ci Senorita - see I listened to Justin Timberlake!!!! I think I might back pack one day with the kids - we have friends that do only that and have a ball and at least 1 overseas holiday a year!!

MMMM Pie ella? Pay ella? Peee Ella? Doesnt matter - just learn and cook it for your rello's!

Luv Ya, P.S. Thanks for the butterflies - they give me WINGS!!! hA HA

gaudiumdegaea said...

When I went to Russia for my 1 month language course for a uni subject, I stayed at a dorm. With the full contingent of international students!!!! Guess what the spoken language was?? Yes... English. I didn't feel that I learned much, other than some grammar and writing skills during the classes we attended to. I agree it sucks when you try to learn a language where it is spoken and people speak English back at you. In retrospect though, I guess that's what I did too, in Turkey, while I was first learning English and wanted to practice. Used to strike up a conversation with any and every foreign guest where I was camping / staying / traveling.

Excellent Adventures said...

baino - yes, I am cooking! Believe it or not I've got a nice lil repertoire from all these countries!!

babysis - glad you liked the butterflies, Adam was sposed to wait so I could give them as a Chrissy present but at least now you can put them on your tree in December! And yeah, I think the first Spanish words I learnt were from Shakira!

GL - I had a conversation today with a bus driver who didn't speak English and didn't understand a word he was saying other than "beach" and "left" but I felt good nonetheless!!