Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A few pic from the yard

The stables
Riding in the bush, looks like Australia - good for the homesickness

One of the youngen's, likes to bite a lot
A view of the yard on my way to work

I got headbutted by a 12hh pony - it really hurt!!!

The piste or arena

Me at the yard

The little fuckers who bit me and kicked Michelle


Baino said...

Ponies, don't you love em. I hit Chippy with a bucket the other day for pinching Laurie's dinner while I was still pouring it into his bin! Lovely and lush tho, nice trail riding. Big kiss on your sore bits!

Babysis said...

Grooby bandaid! Ponies suck...Chippy broke my finger! And I didnt even get a fancy bandaid! Problem is theyre berry cute! Does look like oz!

I'm going to take my children to school now in my dressing gown!

Excellent Adventures said...

Yeah, they can live through anything, unlike me. I have a very sore head today and Michelle has a hoof-sized bruise on her leg!!! I am glad I got a cool bandaid - it has snails on it! But they don't know what bandaids are here, they're called 'plasters'. Apparently I speak more Australian than I first thought!