Wednesday, July 9, 2008

NY - Now

Please excuse the annoying 3rd person talk in this blog, as it was written by both of us and its a little bit all over the place!

NY was everything you would expect it to be. Romantic, busy, fast - paced and relatively cheap We went crazy on the general cheapness and quality of the produce, needless to say we both added to our dress collection which is coming along quite nicely, Jem by far out - buying Clare, she even has some dresses she hasn't worn yet! We did all the usual touristy stuff;

 went to a Yankees game and basically had no idea what was going on, in fact didn’t even know the game had finished! Baseball obviously isn't our bag, although Jem certainly looked the part. 
From there headed up to Boston and felt really smart for a day in Harvard!! And visited a witch museum in Salem, that was strange but lunch was unreal at this cute little pub (is it bad that most of our favourite things are shopping and food?).

Next we crossed the border into Canada starting at Montreal, where it honestly felt like we were in French. They spoke, ate, dressed, walked like the French, and although it was a gorgeous little town, it became a it tiresome not having any english anywhere.  
The rain was well and truly set in though so we decided to cut Montreal short and  hopped on a bus to Toronto to see Frase and Jules.  Had the best time with them, its great to see people you know after traveling for a few months.  Frase made Jem try her first Guinness (in prep for when she went to Ireland) and she ran water for his AFL game, which ended in a fight and some crude words being exchanged, but all in all a pleasant day! Jules took us out in her home town Waterloo, where Jem managed to spill kebab sauce all down her white dress and Clare, chocolate sauce down her white top, but lucky Mrs Carrere was on hand!  Frase would have liked to join us but wasn’t feeling well…soft!  The next day we had a fathers day BBQ and met Jules family, and that night had the BEST movie marathon consisting of…Dazed and Confused, The Wedding Singer, Flashdance, Dirty Dancing, and Notting Hill, it was right up Frase’s alley.  Had so much fun with them, drank and ate way too much but it was always good times!
Flew into London and found out that the guys we stayed with (Chuck and Aidan) are living with a guy that plays AFL with someone we went on tour with in South America!  Small world! We surprised him and his wife by showing up at a footy party at the good old Walkabout on Sunday afternoon. It was so much fun seeing Donsy and Matt again!  The team did a full monty, at which of course we were front and centre with camera ready!  Funniest thing was one of the guys was doing the worm across the stage naked, he must have been off chops cause his little man was flying all over the place and smacking on the ground, surely it would have hurt!  Anyways we've now done our obligatory visit to the Walky and felt like we were back home, don’t think we met a single pom.  All aussies.   The night before was also quite the bender: we went out to a place on Oxford St and were trying to catch the last tube home so we left and walked to the station to find we’d just missed it. We then (not half heartedly) returned to dance some more, figuring either way we had to get a cab.  Clare had had one two many pints and walked up to someone she’d been speaking to earlier and said ‘oh you followed us here’! She didn’t even realize we were at the same club!  She thought we’d left to go to a new one and didn’t recognize it when we got back.  I must say Clare one of your best! 

After this weekend, Jem flew to Ireland and spent a few days on her own in Galway, beautiful city.  Its funny traveling on your own, she went into this heaps cute old pub and ordered some irish stew and a Guinness for dinner and all the locals straight away want to talk to you and know your story, the Irish are her favourite people so far. 

Clare also went her separate way to stay with Cuz Jimmy and has now scored a job working with gorgeous little Welsh Mountain ponies in the country.

So his brings to an end the story of Clare and Jem's Excellent Adventures as they part ways on their own adventures. But stay tuned as we may both use this blog to update you on our continued journeys.

Over and out.


Baino said...

Awww shame you've finished travelling together. Welcome home Jem come over and gimme the goss. Having a fine time I see Clare . . keep the blog going and more pics please. People do read it even if they don't comment. Dorking will give you a chance to SOBER UP!

Baino said...

Oh and if you do go to Ireland I know a very bored 20 year old who will show you a good time! Even if it does involve paintball guns and ghillie suits!

Estevez said...


oh i burning, burning with jealousy right now!!

David said...

Yes, yes I did, but I was very restrained and didn't buy anything! I was very impressed with it though, why don't we have cool shops like that and Zara in Aus?

Clare & Jem's Excellent Adventures said...

Ahaha! I was apparently signed in as Jimmy's housemate just then, don't worry, I haven't had a sex change and my name is not david!

Estevez said...

good to know! i was slightly concerned for a minute there! i can't believe you didn't buy anything. you have amazing willpower, clarence.

GayƩ Terzioglu said...

Hi Clare,
I think you guys got the best of both worlds, travelling with and then without company in one big trip.
Lovely pics, it looks like great fun is being had.
I read from baino's blog that you are doing the Au Pair thing now and are happy.
Is there a planned date for returning home?
Safe travels!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Saw your complaint at Baino's that no one leaves comments here. I'm not 'someone' but have very much enjoyed your recent posts! Hmmm, looks like Clare's Au Pair stint is being blogged elsewhere ...;)

Babysis said...

Hi Clarebear - just writing in same as above comment, although I have commented before on your blog, just saying hiya so you know we comment on your blog....luv ya bubs, luv ya pics, keep on sending em! Or heres a thort - update your blog!!!! P.S. Let me know if you go to Ireland and I'll give you Kathy & Brians address - they'll show you around - Brian's a kak!

Babysis said...

Oh Hi....just thort I'd check your blog...still nothing....oh well I'll try again....must be fun in DORKing....are you being a big fat DORK in DORKing?

Anonymous said...

HAHA :) More pics!

Clare & Jem's Excellent Adventures said...

Alright alright, my blog's been updated complete with pics anonymous!!! I'm a busy gal you know, dogs, horses, kids to feed! (By the way, I'm DEFINATELY never having children!) Thanks for dropping by GT, I know people are following my travels now, I'm more inclined to blog when I know people are reading it. And BabySis, yes DORKing is the perfect place for me, being the slightly geekish person that I am!! But at least I don't live on a street whose name resembles a certain appendage I won't mention.

King Jack said...

BWARK! BWARK!! HAHHAHAA!!! You're doing a fine job at screeching at 'Anonymous'! She's MY slave but NEEDS to be told off at least a hundred times a day. You're making my Kingly role so much easier. THANKS CLARE! BWARK!!

Robyn said...

Keep up the good work.