Saturday, May 17, 2008

Creature Comforts

So its been a while between blogs, I must admit we've been trekking all over the place and doing some pretty cool things. One of the coolest things would have to be San Diego Seaworld. It was pretty unreal! I got to touch a dolphin and talked to a seal and watched killer whales jumping into the air and all that. But what I realised most during this little excursion is that I REALLY miss animals! San Francisco has an abundance of people walking their dogs along the water and I always seem to have an overwhelming urge to go up and rough one up and play with it!!! I miss my doggy so much, I  miss her wagging her tail erratically until it almost falls off, i miss that unconditional love that a dog provides. I haven't had any doggy lovin for almost 4 months and its killing me! I'm tempted to go up to the next person I see with a dog and ask if I can borrow it for a day! Although I did get in trouble for touching a horse in San Diego. I just wanted to say hi, it wasn't going anywhere, was just tied to a cart and was quite happy to see me, but his owner got all stroppy at me and told me to stay away from his horse!!! I mean seriously, I'm not gonna steal it, I just want to say hi!!

I can't wait until I get home and Lily (hopefully she remembers me!) will get all excited and jump around and go crazy and I'll feel satisfied!!! Funny what you miss when you're away from home!


Baino said...

Aww, she's as wiggly as ever and Im sure she misses her run's with you. I've been very slack on the walkies side of things due to the end of the street being all cyclone fenced while building works commence. Interestingly, she has no interest in getting on your bed any more . . .doesn't smell right I guess!

Babysis said...

Aww, wiggly dogs and talkative horses....we got 'em all at Glenordinary....and we are all missing to hear from you baby girl.....take care always

Babysis said...

I miss you.

GayƩ said...

Hi Clare and Jem,

This is Clare's mum's blogmatey Gaye. I have returned to Australia after a 9 month Ireland adventure. And apparently I live only 10 minutes away from Baino's! Go figure, it's a small world. :)
Cheers on a fantastic journey you are on! I have read some in the past but from now I will keep up with the posts! Good on you girls!
Hope you continue to have great fun, be safe and well, don't do anything I wouldn't (which is not a lot).
Do you guys have your photos on flickr or somewhere like it??? Would love to see them.
Gaye (read as gaia)

Clare & Jem's Excellent Adventures said...

Gaye, nice to meet you! It is a small world, as our adventures have confirmed! We're not very good with constant blogging I'm afraid but hopefully I'll get a bit more regular now that its not all go go go!!!

Babysis, I miss you too, miss having coffee on Saturdays, rest assured the first Saturday I'm back there will be so much coffee drinking we'll be bouncing off the walls!

Mum, I can't imagine how fat Lilly is getting without anyone walking her! I'm glad she's moved on from my bed, although its not like i'm using it!!! Love you and miss you all! Clare bear