Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Hasty Account of This Week's Events

I woke up early and left Cuz’s place for Heathrow to meet up with Schmecky. I’d been counting down the days until I saw her cos I was missing her so much and keen to start our next adventure! After a very enthusiastic reunion and an 8 hour catch up at the airport, we flew to Amsterdam and caught a train to Delft where Jeff and Anna were waiting for us. We had an early night cos Schmeck was hungover and I was tired from an early start but was so happy to be in a country where the culture was different from my own. London was great for about 2 days but it was boring, cultureless (not historyless but lacked any form of heart or community) too many Australians lived there and I honestly couldn’t wait to leave!

We woke to eggs and bacon cooked by Jeff (god bless him!) and went on a bike tour throughout Delft. Its such a gorgeous little town with a canal running through it and full of blue and white china.
As we were in Holland, we decided to go with Jeff to a ‘coffee shop’ and buy some weed. It was hilarious, Anna’s brother had to teach us what was what as there was a whole menu of different kinds and the two of us, being the drug-free innocent individuals that we are, were clueless.
We bought a little bag of California something (as advised) and were on our merry way feeling rather naughty but had done nothing illegal so used that thought as a justification!


So we made our way to Lowlands where we had to line up for about an hour with huge packs on because they don’t let you take cars into the camping complex.
Basically, Lowlands is Big Day Out on steroids. It’s a 3 day festival where you camp close to the music but we spent 5 days there to get in early and get a good spot close to the loos! There is a 24 hr tent pumping hard core techno beats around the clock so its rather hard to get to sleep but other than that it was a lot of fun! Bec and I saw bands like Pendulum (rocked the house down, so good!), Digitalism, Simian Mobile Disco, The Presidents of the USA, Underworld (also fantastic!), Tricky, The Fratellis and so on.

Bec and I chilled out with a joint which we decided wasn’t that great and that we get giggly and hungry without the help of weed so donated the rest of our weed to Jeff and Anna!
After being considerably grubby for 5 days but having an awesome time we came back to Delft feeling out of whack and very sleepy but made our way into The Hague for dinner anyway, we’d come all this way so couldn’t justify not going!
The Hague was cool, but being a Monday, was dead. We went to a pub and had a cider and a curry and perved on the cute English bar tender then made our way home to get a decent night’s sleep!

After a sad departure from Jeff and Anna (we know we won’t see them again for about a year!) and took a train to Amsterdam and I am now writing from my very basic but comfortable hostel about to go and see the sights. My next post will be all about the good ol Amsterdam so until then chaps!!!


Amsterdam was cool. Everyone knows how it goes, prossys, weed and seediness everywhere but I can’t get over the transformation between night and day. We did our own little walking tour throughout the city and it all seemed nice and safe and harmless, canals everywhere with cute little boats, people on bikes and outdoor cafes. Then we went out again at night to the same street we’d walked down hours earlier and it was filled with red-lit windows featuring bikini clad girls wanting a bite from the curious tourist. They were all BEAUTIFUL girls, I was expecting slutty trashbags but they were all gorgeous and some of them looked quite young. Here is a first hand account of the night from Schmecky.

“They say that first impressions last, and now I totally know what ‘they’ mean when ‘they’ say that Amsterdam will stay with you forever. At first glance, perhaps not the most beautiful city, but nice. But it is certainly most phallic!! There are dildos and sex shops and live shows and porno cinemas everywhere! Clare and I had dinner at a pizza place directly opposite one said cinema. But to put a cherry on the top of the first said impression, we have just returned from the illusive red light district! Oh my! I have never seen girls who looked so bored in all my life! And they were good looking and everything! Standing there, some undulating in their fluorescent knickers in the window, some smoking and casually chatting away on their phones (to whom, their mums?)
Clare and I suggested that they up the ante of their window antics pronto (as there weren’t too many drawn curtains if you know what I mean!) and get windmill nipple ornaments or even tassels to increase their clientele!”

The ladies don't like photos so its a bit fuzzy but how whack is this shit???

It was definitely an eye opener walking down that street, but I was glad to go home to my warm hostel bed knowing I’m not a state where I rely on selling my body.

Day 2 in Amsterdam involved a lot of rain, a walk down to the local park for lunch, much people watching and the purchase of some much needed cargo pants! I’ve resolved that the Dam is great for people who like getting drunk, stoned and laid, but not so good for those starting off an adventure where you want to see typical European alps and countryside. We’re on our way to all this, but we have to stop off at Berlin. I know its not exactly countryside but it’s a city you can’t really miss and so my next post will be from there.
Over and out.


Baino said...

Gawd you potheads! Sounds great darling, nice to talk to you last night as well. Things will get prettier as you go south I just hope the internet gets better! I don't know how I could have forgotten it,you were asking about places in Austria? VIENNA! Sheesh I'm an idiot, my fave city in Europe so far! Ooh found this:
and this

babysis said...

Ah that sounds so funny - as is last photo of you and Shmecky. I'm so glad you're on your way to happiness aha aha aha aha...

Keep the blog updated - I love it!

babysis said...

Ah that sounds so funny - as is last photo of you and Shmecky. I'm so glad you're on your way to happiness aha aha aha aha...

Keep the blog updated - I love it!

Babysis said...

Sorry about that double entry....I really am having computer meltdown at the mo'