Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Fridge Has Spoken

I am currently sitting in my room, its pissing down outside, here's the proof:
Lara slowly getting covered while Miss Madame cleans her room

I'm watching the first round of Olympic football, Belgium vs Brasil (go Brasil!), wishing they would screen the Australia vs Serbia game, but not to be. It got me thinking about my slight obsession with collecting football jerseys. I bought one for each country I went to in South America and had quite the collection by the time I left, but decided to give them to my soccer mates as a pressie, which they all seem to be quite impressed with (don't worry guys I washed them before I sent them home and only wore them once!!). I kept an Ecuador one, not because they're particularly good at football, but because it was a nice, modern design in a pretty colour! Then just browsing through Facebook the other day, I came across some photos that a new girl in our team had put up. I got a pang of jealously because there are all these new girls in my team (that's right, MY team!) and they're doing really well this year, they're even playing in the finals. We didn't do very well last year as we were in a grade that I thought was too high for us, but I honestly can't wait to get back into it!! I miss playing, and whenever I watch it on TV I find the urge even stronger! I've promised Schmecky that because she's missing the finals to come and play with me in Amsterdam, we will go to a bar on Wednesday and watch a game of Olympic football and drink the blues away with some Dutch lager! Estevez, we're counting on you to keep the team alive! Go Rockets!!!
Most of our team last year. Some people had a habit of not showing up

The Brasilians cheering when Botafago (the nation's favourite) scores a gooooooooool!

The Ecuador jersey I kept, I think its quite trendy!

Peru - we had a 'Colours of Peru' dress up night!


Brasil - sent this one home too but I shall use it at a later date

Didn't buy a Paraguay one but the boys on our tour did. Nice one


Baino said...

You kept the best one! Maybe I should send you an Aussie Summer jersey but I don't have an address and I've left it too late to order to come here. I bought Notsoanonymous one for his birthday and he loves it but it took about 14 days to deliver. You kept the nicest one! Although red and white vertical strips are so slimming!

Excellent Adventures said...

Hmm, good idea for a bday present maybe? The Aussie ones are really expensive though, I only paid about $6 for all the south american ones!

Estevez said...

heck yes i'll be leading the rockets to glory! i really have to work on my voice projection so i can fill the void left by bec's massive foghorn.

you look very fetching in my bolivia jersey there, young clarence! by the way you're right, it does match my eyes. you are hilarious!!!

Excellent Adventures said...

Go Rockets! Yes, you are suspiciously quiet on the field but you make up for it with a viciousness with the ball!

English Mum said...

Wow. Bert thinks Lara is hot hot hot! Any chance of an introduction? He's a friend of Baino doncherknow....