Monday, March 10, 2008

Travelling Follies

So whilst one is travelling, one learns many things along the way. I have made a short list of the things thus far NOT to do whilst venturing through South America on a tour:

DO NOT loose your exit card, for any country

DO NOT use indian ink fruit like its finger paint, on your cheeks, on your arms, anywhere really! IT DOESN'T COME OFF!!!

DO NOT eat curry from a Japanese restaurant in Brazil. Despite what you may think, they have NO IDEA HOW TO MAKE IT!

DO NOT loose in a game of arsehole. This will result in you having to wear a pair of pink antennae around the city you are in until someone else looses the infamous card game.

DO NOT fail to get everyone to get to play arsehole once you have lost, meaning you cannot pass your title onto the next unlucky victim

DO wear sunscreen on nose whilst horse riding. Otherwise you will be affectionately known as Rudolf until it fades.

DO NOT attempt to do the Brazilian version of the macarena in night clubs, despite what you may believe, you DO NOT look as good as the locals do!

DO dance on the bar at the local clubs, it will result in free drinks if your dancing impresses the bar staff...not sure if robot dancing really counts...

DO NOT attempt to do a jetstar jump on salt flats, it is not like snow and will not be merciful when you jump too high and stack it...

DO NOT attempt to play soccer at 4000m. It will result in your lungs feeling like they're on fire and despite the faith you may have in your playing abilities, ou WILL NOT beat the locals!

DO NOT forget that although the country you are in is close to the Equator, at 3000m plus, ITS STILL FRIGGIN FREEZING!!!


Anonymous said...

You did ALL those things? HAHA very funny ... nice to see some pics ;)

Quickroute said...

Baino clued me on to your adventure - sounds like you're having a blast!

Don't forget: ALWAYS carry a roll of toilet paper and a coin just in case you have to go in a hurry!

Baino said...

Quicky; Dare I ask what the coin is for?

Clare, Quickroute is in Buenos Airies FYI and Tom said there's only one day on the Inca Trail that's a bit testing! Love your facebook picks hunny bunny!

iffatali said...

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