Saturday, March 1, 2008

Can you pass the salt?

Ok folks, so its quite apparent that there're a lot of blanks in this blog that will need to be filled in at a later date, probably not for another couple of months most likely! But I just had to get on today to tell you about what we've been doing for the last couple of days. We're in Uyuni at the moment, a small town about 3600m high, right next to a massive, and I mean massive (250km wide) salt flat! Now that in itself may not sound that spectacular to you, but I assure you, it is one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced!

First we take 3 jeeps out onto the flats. We have iPod connections in the car so we're listening to a combination of Chillies, U2, Britney and Madonna (thanks Jem....) whilst speeding on a vast expanse of white, flat salt, with nothing in sight but a few blue moutains in the distance. Within an hour, any part of our body exposed to the sun or the reflection of the sun on the salt is scorched (mainly my nose and Jem's legs!!!) but it doesn't stop the view from being breath taking!

Because there is so much white, and one flat horizon, you can take silly photos by playing with the perspective, i.e. have a group of us sitting on a jar of vegemite or other such props. Who knew this photo taking could amuse us for over 2hrs!

So that night, we stayed in a hotel made entirely of salt and went star gazing which was amazing due to the lack of light in the area (we were showing all the pommies the southern cross and irion, apparently the only constellations I know of!).

The next day, we get back into the 4WDs with our driver (Juan the man! Or Juan is number wuan!) and drive to fisherman's island, a huge rock formation bang smack in the middle of the flats covered in large, phallic looking cacti which provided us with a bit of amusement, followed by bbq llama meat and frizby on the flats. We then drove back to Uyuni and we're now waiting for an overnight train to Lapaz where we say goodbye to about half of our group and take on another 8 people to go to Quito.

I must admit, it feels like I've been away from home for about a week. I feel bad that I don't want to come home, but I do wish Mum and Adam could see all this stuff and wish Bec, Brad and Em could come 4WDing with me and play silly buggers! But my new foreign friends are so much fun and I'll be sorry to see them leave the group this weekend, its funny how you can be with someone for only a month and feel like you've known them your whole life! I've shared meals, excursions, rooms, cards and banter with these kids and I'm sure many of them will be my friends for a long time to come! (Plus its quite handy having friends from around the world!!!)

We're grabbing everyone's photos in Lapaz so hopefully I can chuck some up then, I must admit our photography skills are above and beyond...or maybe the subject matter is helping us a little...

This is the most amazing adventure I've been on! I'm so glad I'm doing this, I'll never forget the experiences and people on this trip! Yeeeeeoooooowww!!!

Until next time, stay excellent dudes...


Baino said...

Ah my very excellent daughter. Thanks for trying to Skype today and I love your blog even if nobody else comments on it. Keep it up. I'm sending some friends your way. I have a new commenter who's an Irish fellow living in Buenos Airies and he mentioned how cool that place is. I'm dying to see some photos and don't feel guilty for not pining, I haven't missed you yet! Wait until the 2 month mark. I applied for my passport this week and am shoving cash in the ING account. Love you much and I'm sooooo glad you're having a good time. Hope the new crew are as much fun! There will be an exam when you return!

Watch out for the horse crap dude!


Clare & Jem's Excellent Adventures said...

Yeah, Jem's supposed to send the link to everyone but she really does struggle when it comes to anything cyberspace so its all looking abit lonely! Hopefully I'll get to put some more photos up soon.

estevez said...

i am reading the blog! i just forgot my password & couldn't work out how to retrieve it! ye gods. clarence, i so much wish that i was playing silly buggers in the salt with you too!
and hey missy, slip slop slap! have you learned nothing from mine & broady's outrageous projectile vomiting after we got a touch too sunburnt from the beach?? you need to be a bit more wary wayne! (a new variation on cautious christopher that i just came up with. yes, genius, i know). missing you LOADS chum. xox