Monday, February 11, 2008


So after Rio we moved to Paraty, a small coastal town rich in cobble stones and funny looking Carnival men things. With not much to do here, we headed to the port to board a boat for the day and sail around the beautiful mountains and beaches of Paraty. The boat was mad - complete with day beds, lunch and beer! We stopped at various beaches where we jumped off the boat, climbed rocks and lay on the beach! Most of us ended up burnt and drunk by the end of the day and headed home for a brief sleep then cards out the front of the hotel. (Playing cards in peoples rooms/foyers seems to be the social plan of choice because a) no one knows where the good bars are and b) its simply easier and more cost effective to stay within the hotels when outside is scary and for some reason they seem to plant us right in the middle of the gay quarters of each city!!)

So after Paraty we headed to Sao Paulo, one of the biggest or the biggest (please forgive my inability to absorb tour leader´s information) cities in Brazil. It was pretty scummy, and big and dirty and dangerous, but the view from the tallest building in rio was pretty amazing! Again, we walked the streets during the day and played cards at night, resulting in one of the young Pommy lads being dubbed the √Ārsehole´and having to walk around with pink atennae on his head until someone else looses the game! We had a few beers in a local cafe and made friends with a gay waiter who really struggled adding up our bill, but thought we were awesome because we kept bringing more friends into his cafe!

We had a great picnic in the park with an array of fruit and ham and ice cream and rode bikes around until it was time to come home.

Other than the aforely mentioned, we´ve come to understand the true value of cans of tuna and bread rolls stolen from breaky in order to keep us under budget, and we´re dying for a place that has laundromats, it seems every city we get to struggle on that side of things!

Unfortunately, I´ve managed to pick up a cold so not feeling very sociable at the moment and trying to get over it as quickly as possible, so I apologise if this blog is a little boring but I have a feeling the next ones will definately make up for it! Iguazu Falls here we come!

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Baino said...

Aww poor snotty tot! Cans of Tuna for breakfast! At least they're not serving guinea pig yet! And a game of Kings is always good for a laugh, you'll have to introduce them to boxhead!