Friday, February 15, 2008

Birds, falls and earpeircing

Hola Amigos! I write to you from Acuncion, Paraguay, a quiet little town with street side pubs and very Mexican sounding music. A few days ago we went to Iguazu falls which can only be described with photos which I´ll upload when I get faster internet and even then, photos jsut don´t do it justice! One of the most amazing things I´ve ever seen! We went on a speed boat and the guy took us under some of the falls which was crazy, I thought I was going to die!!

We also went to a bird park that day and saw tucans, macaws and hummingbirds which were so cute and made cute little squeaking sounds!

We went to a ´traditional South American show´which was hardly traditional, unless glitter costumes and barely clad Carnival dancers are part of the national costume....

We then made our way accross the border where I had to pay a fine for losing my exit card, oh well, minor hickup!

Last night we went to a pub down the street and drank sangria and played drinking games and later on a peirced one of the pommy-guys ears, he´s walking around with his girlfriend´s pearl earring in because wecouldn´t find an alternative! I´m so proud of myself, hope it doesn´t get infected or it´ll put a scar on my peircing name!

Sorry guys, that´s all for now because there´s so much to do in so little time!

Stay tuned for photos!

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Baino said...

Ciao Clares. I'm so glad you've got this blog, I was worried about the exit visa thing but looks like it turned out ok. You stuck a needle in someone's ear! My you're over the squeamish thing then? Riccardo told me he thought the falls were one of the best things in SA! He's from Buenos Aires so should know! Plus i linked in with Paco on Facebook. Hannah's stealing your clothes! hahaha!