Thursday, September 4, 2008

From Munich with Love

I’m currently on a train to Rothenburg ob de Tauber which is rather exciting, not because its such a cute little town, but because it has an awesome Christmas shop and Bec and I are so into shiny things and all things festive! Munich is pretty cool but we haven’t had time to explore it very well yet because we missed 2 free tours, one because of my bum steer in the opposite direction to where we were supposed to meet (I know, it wasn’t Bec this time!) and secondly, because we didn’t give ourselves enough time to get to the main square! We did, however, manage to get to the truly kitsch but slightly amusing Glockenshpeil, a clock in the main square with rotating figures and nice bells! The hostel is really cool and I’m glad to have a decent WIFI connection for a change because we’ve exhausted our collection of Shameless seasons and need to download series 3 before we get withdrawl symptoms!

When I first stayed in hostels, it really didn’t bother me how much noise people made, how much mess they made or the things they did but I think its slowly starting to get to me. Last night I opened a window to let some fresh air in and some girl came and closed it after I’d gotten into bed. Now, I can understand that people would want to close curtains, but why would anyone want to be in a room with no oxygen coming in? It never used to bother me that people don’t like windows open but now I’m longing for my own room where I can have the window wide open! I come from a household where doors and windows are always open (sometimes in winter too) and there is never a feeling of mustiness or claustrophobia. I know some people obviously don’t live like this, but its driving me crazy that I can’t dictate my own living conditions. I’m fine having other people in my room, but I like to have a shower when I want, open all the windows and not have to trek 2 floors everytime I want a cup of tea.

Its not driving me crazy to the point where I want to come home, but I will be so grateful for my own bed, a strong shower and my own living space when I get home. Mum, you say that you think I’ll want to move out when I get home to have my own living space, but if anything being at home is ten times better than living with other people who don’t share your lifestyle. I think living at home for a few months will be blissful!! (As long as I get my car and computer back!!!)

Here are a few photos to show you what we’ve been up to in the last week or so.

Flowers are fun

And oh so sweet smelling!

Beautiful Praha from the top of a hill

No European city would be complete without icecream!

Getting on the Caiparinas in some South American bar!

Bec playing marbles in a random competition we found. She was the only Australia representative.


Baino said...

Good news! Adam has reregistered and serviced the Magna . .it was cheaper and easier than selling it and it's more practical for work so I guess as long as the Hoonda holds out, you can have the Corolla back. As for the puter, it's always been yours, just cleaned up a bit. Anyway, you've got the laptop now! Prague looks gorgeous, I've been enjoying all your photos . . .Buy something unique for our Christmas tree, we'll put it up the day after you get home! PS: I open your window every weekend! Makes the room feel 'lived in'. PPS: Jem's coming for nibbly bits tonight and to deliver your 'stuff'.

Love you.

Estevez said...

oh god! if YOU are having trouble, can you imagine how cranky I would be getting right now??? crossing hostels off my list of places to stay. i can't subject innocent people to my insane level of anal-ness. 'do you really HAVE to sniff like that?' 'excuse me, you touched my sleeve region'. yeah...i'm feeling your pain dude!