Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wana go to South America?

Reasons for Departure:

Jem calls Clare, sitting in her room twiddling her thumbs wondering which of the 3 Hills establishments to visit that night, and asks with a bold and direct tone: “Wana go to South America with me?” to which Clare replies “Ok”.

The break up. GymJunkie dumps Clare unceremoniously for the blond receptionist on the day of her final uni presentation. MetroMan leaves Jem unceremoniously for a blond pommy (trend perhaps?). Quite obviously, the best thing to do in this situation is leave the country. It seems to be a great way to avoid all life's problems, never too late to run away right? Even though 9 months down the track we’ve both forgotten who GymJunkie and MetroMan are…

When living your whole life in the mother’s-group-esque community of the Hills District, NSW, Australia, one finds themselves needing to escape after 22/23 years. ‘The Fishbowl’ is full of people who know people who know who your ex hooked up with last weekend, who knows your brother, who has a friend you have a crush on who knows the person at the gym, who also knows your ex. And when your days suddenly become filled with emails resembling tabloid hollywood magazines revealing rumours and gossip about the past week's events, without sounding too cliché (be warned, this blog will be filled with them), you just feel like there’s something more to life…in Rio apparently!

So here you are, the first blog, 119 days before we leave. It’s the the first of many expected amazing stories of our travels, so join us through our experiences, two girls initiating themselves into womanhood – yeah right! (Look out world!) Welcome to Clare & Jem's Excellent Adventures. Remember, be excellent to each other. Party on dudes!

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Baino said...

Like Whoaaaa! Please welcome these very excellent barbarians!

Can you please make your font BIGGER you know I'm going blind!

Nice photoshop work! Can you make me look like Scarlet Johanssen?

Be excellent to each other (I have more)

Clare & Jem's Excellent Adventures said...

Oh alright! But I'm not happy about it! Later dude.

Damian said...

God, I cannot even begin to describe how incredibly lame that picture is.

Like, INCREDIBLY lame.

But I like the blog in general. Cant wait to read the adventures.

Clare & Jem's Excellent Adventures said...

Lame is what I do my man!